Julie Caron

«Experienced educator and digital champion, driven by a passion to expand access to top-quality learning resources to French-speakers and their communities.»

Bio Notes

Since her earliest work in education 20 years ago serving children with special needs, Julie Caron has sought innovative and tangible ways to reach new learners. Initially it was using scissors and cardboard, then with graphic design, then pioneering applications of digital learning and student-centered technologies the university environment.

Today, Julie harness the power of digital content and distribution to serve pedagogic goals, improving learning outcomes by providing a uniformly outstanding digital experience to educators, teachers, students, and parents wherever they reside. She is an experienced educator and digital champion, driven by a passion to expand access to top-quality learning resources to French-speakers and their communities, helping to strengthen la Francophonie here in Ontario, Canada and abroad.

Born in Thurso, Quebec, a small community outside of Ottawa, she first worked with the Aylmer School Board before becoming Communications Officer at the University of Ottawa, where she truly discovered how dynamic is Ontario’s education community. Sensing the learning potential being created by developments in technologies and communications, including the impact of mobile computing, web-based and interactive learning, Julie then served as a coordinator of the university’ s Learning Resources Centre. She was a facilitator to faculty and students alike, providing insight and practical skills training in levering digital assets to promote better learning experiences, as well as managing the centre’s resources and staff.

In her role as Chief Digital Learning Officer, Julie guides Groupe Média TMFO’s digital learning strategy and outreach to Francophone and Francophile learning communities in Ontario and beyond. She oversees the recently launched flagship digital learning platform known as Idéllo, which contains more than 11 000 digital resources (including video, applications, games, guides and educational material), curated and aligned with curriculum guidelines. Committed to GM TFO’s role in strengthening language and culture, Julie welcomes the transformational opportunity to make Idéllo available to the estimated 2.7 million Francophone or Francophile families in Canada who don’t yet have access through their school boards.

Julie came to education initially from the world of health sciences, before undertaking university courses in Educational Technologies. She lives in Ottawa and has two daughters, 13 and 15. A lover and collector of children’s literature, she hopes one day to finish writing her first children’s book.

Julie Caron's Expertise

Education Technology at 100%
Digital Learning at 100%
Educational system at 100%
French first and second language at 100%

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Our growing educational impact and further potential across Canada is equally compelling. As a provider of content for French-speaking minority communities and learning audiences from coast-to-coast-to-coast, Groupe Média TFO can become an enabling DIGITAL, EDUCATIONAL and FRANCOPHONE catalyst.