Carole Nkoa

«She is able to analyze complex issues, anticipate challenges, and apply sound judgement and creativity in forging mutually beneficial outcomes.»

Bio Notes

Carole Nkoa is a passionate, principled communicator and a fearless advocate for the rich cultural heritage that is la Francophonie. Her ability to analyze complex issues, anticipate challenges, and apply sound judgement and creativity in forging mutually beneficial outcomes are the hallmarks of her approach to stakeholder engagement, communications and marketing initiatives. Her work is informed by a global outlook imparted by her Cameroonian father, Alsatian mother, and her experience studying and working on three continents: Africa, Europe and North America.

Carole left Cameroon at 18 for further education in France. She went on to earn a Master’s in Public Communications and Public Relations from Laval University, in Quebec. Her strong value orientation has led to involvement in a variety of roles in the public and non-profit sector focusing on culture and patrimony, environment, health, violence against women, and immigration. It also gave rise to numerous media projects, including a well-received multi-year radio program called in Chocolat Therapie.

Since joining Groupe Média TFO in June 2010, Carole has held increasing positions of leadership and responsibility in communications and community relations. From an initial focus on articulating key values and positioning for GMTFO’s internal audiences, to innovative public relations campaigns, corporate public affairs and stakeholder outreach, she has excelled in broadening awareness of the remarkable transformation of GMTFO.

She is particularly proud of launching GMTFO into the U.S. market through an agreement with Louisiana public television, and also for creating a grass-roots campaign that recorded thousands of expressions of public support during the renewal of GMTFO’s license.

In her current positon as Chef de Mission Communautes Franco-Ontariennes, Carole has found her most satisfying role yet, as a master builder of bridges into the communities that GMTFO is dedicated to serve. She is driven to meet with cultural, educational and business leaders from French-speaking communities across Ontario to listen, engage, and act upon the insights they share.

Recently, Carole was honoured to be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to serve as one of 12 Ontarians on the Provincial Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs. The Advisory provides advice to the Government on the development of strategies, priorities and programs which affect Ontario’s Francophone community, and on the planning and delivery of government French-language services.

She considers this appointment to be an absolute privilege, and the culmination of a career spent championing the opportunities for dialogue and deeper relationship between organizations and the audiences they wish to connect with in the pursuit of meaningful change.

Carole Nkoa's Expertise

Strategic partnerships and Development at 100%
Public Relations at 100%
Media Relations at 100%
Corporate Communications at 100%

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Our growing educational impact and further potential across Canada is equally compelling. As a provider of content for French-speaking minority communities and learning audiences from coast-to-coast-to-coast, Groupe Média TFO can become an enabling DIGITAL, EDUCATIONAL and FRANCOPHONE catalyst.