A public educational media enterprise, Groupe Média TFO (GMTFO) has restructured, repositioned and rebranded itself over the past five years. From a single television channel, we have transformed ourselves to become a digital content producer, an aggregator and international multiplatform distributor of a new generation of learning media resources. Our efforts have garnered critical acclaim for Ontario that ranges from Austin to Amsterdam.

Digital learning boosters

At the forefront of digital learning, Groupe Média TFO experts put their knowledge and skills at the service of your conferences!

«Serial innovator and disruptor, who combines the creativity and risk-taking of a digital media entrepreneur.»
Julie Caron's Picture. See the biography.
«Experienced educator and digital champion, driven by a passion to expand access to top-quality learning resources to French-speakers and their communities.»
Julie Caron's Picture. See the biography.
«Has a deep knowledge of how to align talent with organizational objectives, as well as keen personal insight.»
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«A fearless executive champion of the creative process, an innovative risk taker and master producer of digital content.»
Nadine Dupont's Picture. See the biography.
«She is able to analyze complex issues, anticipate challenges, and apply sound judgement and creativity in forging mutually beneficial outcomes.»
«He has spent his working life architecting digital solutions to the problems of producing and distributing compelling educational media content.»


The overall strategy of Groupe Média TFO and its directors is focused on innovation to broaden the horizons of digital learning and to open new ones.